December 2019

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Welcome to the official website of the "Resursozberegayuschie tehnoligii" "NTU" Kiev Polytechnic Institute Research Center.

RC "RT" for more than 20 years has an effective cooperation with various enterprises of non-ferrous, ferrous metallurgy, as well as refractory, silicate, food and paper industries.

At current moment RC "RT" has a broad experience of work with various thermal units and has equipment necessary for their inspection.

Employees of RC "PT" has developed a set of numerical models of the physical state of industrial machinery, and for making calculations using their own fleet of powerful computers and modern software.

The main direction of activity of the center is the execution of research projects aimed at effectiveness increase of the thermal and energy of various industrial units, and include the following:

  • Development and implementation of firing and drying hearth electrolyzers regulations;
  • Development and implementation of methodologies of energy balance calculation of aluminum electrolytic cells of low and high power;
  • Development of software for mathematical modeling of technological and security rate of aluminum electrolytic cells, PEKOPRIEMNIKOV, casting mixers, ovens, graphitization, PROKALOCHNYH, kilns and ELEKTROKALTSINATOROV, execution of the corresponding numerical calculations using the developed program;
  • Determination of thermal efficiency of paperboard equipment, computational and experimental determination of the parameters of paperboard machines at the time of their transfer to improved productivity;
  • Research on protective coatings and the development of thermal probes of long service which measure the temperature of the melt and the dynamic characteristics of covering materials of electrolyzers since their launch;
  • Development and implementation of measurement systems and software for remote monitoring of temperature and heat flux in high-temperature equipment;
  • Experimental studies of heat temperature performance of the pots of various types and designs, PEKOPRIEMNIKOV, casting mixers, furnaces, graphitization, PROKALOCHNYH furnaces and kilns ELEKTROKALTSINATOROV;
  • Conducting of energy audits and development of resource- and energy-saving measures in various enterprises in order to reduce the consumption of steam and hot water;
  • Preparation of energy passports of enterprises.


  • United Сompany RUSAL
    United Сompany RUSAL
  • Братский алюминиевый завод (РУСАЛ Братск)
    Братский алюминиевый завод (РУСАЛ Братск)
  • Волгоградский алюминиевый завод (ВгАЗ)
    Волгоградский алюминиевый завод (ВгАЗ)
  • Запорожский производственный алюминиевый комбинат (ЗАлК)
    Запорожский производственный алюминиевый комбинат (ЗАлК)
  • Иркутский алюминиевый завод (ИркАЗ)
    Иркутский алюминиевый завод (ИркАЗ)
  • Кандалакшский алюминиевый завод (КАЗ)
    Кандалакшский алюминиевый завод (КАЗ)
  • Красноярский алюминиевый завод (РУСАЛ Красноярск)
    Красноярский алюминиевый завод (РУСАЛ Красноярск)
  • Саяногорский алюминиевый завод (РУСАЛ Саяногорск)
    Саяногорский алюминиевый завод (РУСАЛ Саяногорск)
  • Хакасский алюминиевый завод (ХАЗ)
    Хакасский алюминиевый завод (ХАЗ)
  • Инженерно-технологический центр РУСАЛ
    Инженерно-технологический центр РУСАЛ
  • Всероссийский алюминиево-магниевый институт (РУСАЛ ВАМИ)
    Всероссийский алюминиево-магниевый институт (РУСАЛ ВАМИ)
  • ОАО
    ОАО "СибВАМИ"
  • Alkorus Engineering Ltd
    Alkorus Engineering Ltd
  • ОАО “Укрграфит”
    ОАО “Укрграфит”
  • ЗАО
    ЗАО "Новосибирский электродный завод"
  • ОАО
    ОАО "Новочеркасский электродный завод"
  • ОАО
    ОАО "Киевский картонно-бумажный комбинат"

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